An iOS, OS X and mobile conference for developers and designers.

12–14 April, 2013
Dublin, Ireland

The Conference

Úll returns to Dublin for the second year running. Last year’s conference was widely acclaimed, so we’re bringing back the love.

Úll is a conference for designers and developers who want to learn about the cutting edge of mobile and desktop, native and web alike. But it’s more than that. Úll is an attempt to create a shared experience that will leave you with the will to build amazing products, knowing the tools to build them and the people to share them with.

The Venue

Dublin remains the perfect conference location. It’s compact, and packs in a very high interesting thing to square foot ratio. Our venue this year is even closer to the action than last year, within mere feet of some of Dublin’s best restaurants, bars and nightlife.

The Round Room ceiling at The Mansion House Dublin

Continuing our theme of choosing historic venues, Úll this year will take place in its entirety in The Round Room at The Mansion House.

The Round Room was built in 1821 for the visit of King George IV. It was the venue for the first sitting of the Irish government and as such, the location of the proclamation of The Irish Declaration of Independence. Fitting, right?!


Horace Dediu

From doing mobile market analysis for Nokia in private to blogging about market analysis in public for the world: In just a few years, Horace has grown Asymco into a successful business, with consulting services, several succesful conferences and a book funded by Kickstarter.

Michael Lopp

As Rands, Michael writes about lessons learned as an engineering manager for the past 20 years. Currently employeed at big-data firm Palantir, Michael's succinct "fortune cookie" approach combines well with his deep insight about personalities and management styles.

John Gruber

Over the past 10 years, John Gruber has built Daring Fireball around the central core of great writing, great punditry and a focus on excellence. John has amassed a huge following and his authority is revered as much as his writing is loved by many, many fans.


Lex Friedman

Lex co-hosts Unprofessional, a podcast that’s definitely not about technology. He also knows a fair amount about proper wet shaving. A life-long geek, Lex brings unique approach to his work at Macworld, where he is a senior writer.


The man who introduced the WebKit project to Apple. Don recently left Apple and has been writing some extraordinary, insightful pieces about his time there. His writing is down to earth, revealing, and interesting. Just like the man.

Steve Smith

Steve Smith co founded Ordered List, built Speaker Deck, Gauges, and Harmony. Ordered List was acquired by GitHub in 2011 and since then Steve has worked in GitHub’s design team.

Jennifer Brook

In her own words: “The idea that a book could be a work of art felt revolutionary”. Jennifer is a psychology major turned UX designer. She is a self-described introvert, lover of books, and maker of things.

Matthew Panzarino

Matthew is Managing Editor and the face of Apple journalism at The Next Web, covering all things nerdy and techy with a voice that’s both reliable and entertaining.

Stephanie Rieger

Joining us from Edinburgh, Stephanie is a designer focussed on mobile web. A writer and passionate design enthusiast, she is helping drive the future of design while drawing influence from its rich history.

Dave Addey

Dave Addey is one of the most established iOS developers in the UK and a regular speaker on the topic. His app agency, Agant, has built a variety of prominent UK apps including the Bafta nominated Malcolm Tucker app. Dave was featured in .Net magazine's Top 20 Web Conference Talks of 2012.

Jaimee Newberry

Jaimee Newberry is the Director of User Experience at Black Pixel. She has a strong background in metalworking, software design, teaching, community outreach. Making things, and making things happen: perfect Úll credentials.

Charles Perry

Charles runs Leaf Hut software. He presented a top class presentation on accessibility at SecondConf last year. Great Accessibility is an Apple hallmark, and it's such an important topic, that when Charles made himself available, we jumped at the chance to invite him to speak.

Matt Gemmell

Matt provided wit, charm and deep insight at last year’s Úll, where his Paper-drawn slides illustrated common failures of common sense in iOS apps. We’re delighted that Matt will join us again as this year’s keynote.

Michael B. Johnson

When last year’s dates didn’t suit Dr. Wave, we were heart-broken. Michael has spoken all over the world, at WWDC and beyond. He has worked at Pixar for 18 years, and now he’s coming to Dublin.

Amber Reyngoudt

Theatre, Entrepreneur, Engineer, Mobile Web, Oregon Trail, Oink, Milk, Skull Ninja. All are words that make us very excited that Amber will be speaking at Úll this year.


Peepcode Live

When Neven Mrgan’s Play by Play episode went on sale, we simply had to get in touch with Geoffrey Grosenbach to see if he'd be willing to bring it to the live stage. When Neven was game too, we had to make it happen. Peepcode has redefined online screencasting, and we're betting that it will redefine how much you can learn during an interactive session at a conference. Neven, who works for Panic, Inc. is one of the most influential designers of Mac software out there. The combination of experience, presentation skill and design talent has us drooling at the prospect of seeing this duo live.

Panel Session

With Jim Dalrymple, Dave Wiskus and Kyle Neath.




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Recovery & conversation


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